Monday, July 12, 2010

Wake up call !

God created man in his likeness and made him unique. But down the years what went wrong !! Its not sins but man has turned to beast toppling the evolution theories.

The present happenings in God’s own country is bewildering.. How brutal it is to chop off the palm of a professor (who has to be valued like God as per our rich tradition) ?? I cannot comprehend the deed. Common we are not living in a terrorist territory. Picture of a tormented teacher in deep anguish with head stooping down as though a third rate criminal, is flooding all the news channels. Is this the way to chastise a person who is cornered for setting the question paper faulty ?

No common man can uncover the sinister plot behind the conversation described in the passage. But still the worse has occur red.. A family under threat for over a month. Wife always anticipating hidden trap for her husband and not to say about rest of the kin. As a final point the axe ripped his palm and the men vanished into thin air.

It has been a week and the government is at snail’s pace. It is high time for the Kerala government to join hands with the law and order system of the middle east.. Nobody cares for the imminent murky days of the family not even to toss a formal ‘Can I console you?’ The compassion and love that makes humans superior is dried up. How long will we exist in such a filthy shell ??

Wake up, wake up mankind before the transformation completes !!

Monday, July 5, 2010

For you 'J' with love ....

Oh come and hold me for a while
To make me beam
Oh baby, lock me in a hug
To melt me down
For I still thirst for your love
As it’s new for all time ….

Can’t you reveal the magic?
How you drive me crazy
Will your tricks get exhausted ever?
In making my day
For I exist in those tender reflections
This will never wither ….

I crave to feel you
The smell so unique and the softness
Sweetest of all chocolates
Teach me all the means to
let you go wild
and to swirl with winds of love so divine

I wanna sing this love song
And drown you
Can I dance with the waves
As a note of gratitude
For He weaved us together
With a purpose untold !