Saturday, August 28, 2010


I don’t believe in valleys and hills nor do I trust the changing seasons. I can barely perceive that the day ends and night begin. No fragrance for the flowers that adorn my sidewalk or for the breeze that caresses me. Tranquility overrides every single moment. Overwhelmed by the faded colours and lifeless nature .. Everyday I open the window longing to see a cuckoo bird, who could sing to whirl my melancholy heart. As the rain pour down I no longer feel that Mother Nature is washing my tears too. I can only experience the thunderous echoes resembling the words of a petulant youth that pierce even my deepest wound. The sky remained black hiding my rainbow of hope. Then I searched for the radiant stars to brighten my desires but in vain. How long need I wait to see the sprouting new leaves, the sway of the lilies and the melodious singing of the cuckoo ? My eyes crave to see the beautiful colours that draped me once. When will my pallet fill again with stunning colours ? Will the seasons change just as my hearts wish ?