Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day to day

When I crave
Hurdles overrule
When I recline
Knocks overpower
What if I am still ?

Reliving is painless
To subsist is thorny
Gain is vague
Yet race is on
What if I am still ?

Innate ethics
Is a curse
How I wish
To be a part but
What if I am still ?

If I am still
I will grin
For my conscience
Never deceived
Is that the gain ?

Saturday, June 1, 2013


My days are days only if you are there
I can dream, think and see with you
I can fight and later return to see the same you
I can laugh my heart out beside you
All my follies you will cherish
You are my lucky star

I can see you crying even when you smile
I can narrate the story untold
I can see swirls of colors in you
Craving for my love
I wanna fly high in your wings
And then we can touch the stars together

Be my guiding star forever !

Friday, March 8, 2013

Woman and woman

Today is my day. Along with millions of other women round the globe I say this. But I do not need a day exclusive to say this. Still I reckon once in a while it is good to stop in the middle and think loud. This is to stir in the lost focus or motivation and to run fast. To make myself realize what am I and where am I. It is not because I am fragile and often desires to be cradled as some argue. Rather the quantum and diversity of tasks consume me that I no longer have time to sit and muse.

I never knew that -
I am the light and the axis
World around is still when I am not I am
My words can heal the wounded soul
I practice many out of sacrifice
I can be selfless many a time
I can smile hiding pearls of my eyes
I can forgive even in deep anguish
I can forget decisively
I have grown this far from father’s doll to a woman!
Was it an invisible journey?
Where did I lose all the stops in between?
I was never weary nor did I droop
I was not alone all throughout
Yet I never knew …..

I am a representative, expressing what I realized when I sat for a while and walked back. Probably this is all what is expected for giving a day exclusive, because seldom will anyone acknowledge for all what you are.