Thursday, November 26, 2009

Weapon in disguise

This is based on a routine fight (obviously between Ebby and me). Ever since I started as a serious blogger, the story has a different climax. But I realized last morning only that the happy ending is not for his concern for me but a bit beyond that. This is the plight of every Keralite woman I guess if not I believe it like ways for trillion reasons to console myself. Do you men ever recognize how we love to be waked up by the kiss of the sun? It’s not necessary that you stay till 8 in the morning just in time to see all the chores done. With the 19th ploy I succeeded in kicking Ebby off the bed by 7:30 at the least. He is always at my service to help clear the garbage. It’s indeed a task worth mentioning for everyday we play P.T.Usha & Ben Johnson to catch the whistle man downstairs. I still am confused about his intention in doing so. Before Ebby’s intervention the victor was always the garbage man. A major achievement as my kitchen smells fabulous all the time now. I never knew a silly comment could bring forth such brisk transformation !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Back to work ! The wheels will never stop nor consider the exertion to make the road smooth. Often I nag about the same schedules day after day. Nevertheless, shift from this routine will perturb the life too. Perplexing as always.. A nice weekend though. Fun time with cousins and friends. Chapattis replete with home made butter and chicken added more colours to my chef hat. I missed my sis. We use to make chapattis (the only cooking I did before marriage). It was fun as we chattered endlessly till we get a bang from my mom. From where on earth we got such amazing topics? Aah happy times. I always tried to repeat the story with Ebby, but in vain. After the dinner we rushed into the theatre to watch Kerala cafĂ©. The film was amazing. It’s a mystery how they weaved together entirely different stories. In my opinion, the film addressed all the present chaos and traditions prevailing in the society. The outlook conveyed, made the movie way beyond the usual stuff.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My first ever twitter meesage!!

Look...who twitted me last day...!!!

Unusual happenings !

I missed something. Two more unusual happenings. One I sang carols along with 23 other friends from church. This will be telecasted next month. Update about the exact time and date will follow soon. I never knew that I can manage to perform in front of the camera. Rather we all were enforced. No matter how good we sang the programme manager was unhappy. He insisted that all of us should perform as a team. May be the influence of reality shows ! That was the hard part. But I guess we succeeded as I could see a sunshine smile after the retake.  5 songs on the whole and it took less than a couple of hours. Smart? Song or the performance ? !

The mike (not the only one) was placed right in front of me. Besides it so happened that I stood next to our trainer. Can you imagine any other reasons to drain my fuel? Gathering all my courage, wishing that my mike cable go loose I sang as never before, coz I was performing too. Peeping now and then to see the expression of our master (coz he might be hearing my voice this clear for the first time) I managed to sway with a smile as insisted by the co-coordinator and to sing ! Here ends the story and the princess lived happily ever after ….

Over to the next event.

As part of the sesquicentennial celebrations a short documentary was made on the history and major achievements of the church. Ebby and his friend spend scores of sleepless nights for this and the surprise is that Ebby permitted me to take up the voice over. Dubbing is my recent passion and I always beg him for this. Not even once he dared for a trial. It’s a puzzle unsolved. But together we made it. It was a splendid piece of work as reported by our friends. His grace !

It’s my biggest wish now, to do this again. I love doing it except for the script writing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memorable day

I had witnessed a remarkable occasion! The sesquicentennial of our church. Well, do you know the word meaning ? Frankly I dint know about this word in my lifetime till last November. That was when our church turned 150. Isn’t it extraordinary? As I stood delighted amidst the august gathering it’s not the history that shook me but the serenity and charm within the church. I was taken aback to my childhood days where I use to attend the services with much interest. It was not for the beauty of the service but it was the color of new skirts and frocks that hooked me. My ammachi always had money to buy my sister and myself new dresses every month. The church was the only place to wear those without any scolding from my mom. But as I grew up my fascinations also changed. Songs came next in the list. I feel the meaningful lyrics are better than any prayer. I still remember the days when I use to sit for hours with my mom to learn diverse songs so that I can sing along with the choir on Sundays. I cannot trace when all this fascinations changed. In no time, the church was more like a friend rather a shoulder to lean. How many times I cried sitting alone in the wooden bench made 100 years back. But there were occasions to rejoice as well. I wonder will ever my church go weary by the same silent cries and laughter year after year ? The quiet hours are worth it though! I started this with an intention to share the events that made our valedictory function splendid. Guess who was the chief guest ? I was mesmerized by the speech he delivered, the cheers he extended and the vision he shared. Dr. Shashi Tharoor spoke as though he was in some theological seminary since few years. It was amazing. The perfect blend for the event !

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Wee-wooo !!! Am so happy and in high spirits .. You might consider this silly but for me, gosh ! I've been trying to work this out for so long a time or to be frank was just pretending to at the least. Its a new technique ohw! I need to mention beforehand. I work with Electron Microscopes. If it sounds alien, this is a special tool to take you further down into the mesmerizing nanoworld. Nano - that’s the sate of the art of science. Hey I made it - to make nano sections out of the whole tissue junk which you get to evaluate. I may talk on and on regarding my work and my research I mean the other me, so better stop now. Okie something more interesting ? I started singing again!! Dazed? I use to sing in choirs at my teens. But somehow it gave up the ghost. My talents the greatest gift, but stupid me. Ahh don’t get into the impression that am a mallu Celine Dion. But I can sing with no fleeing cows! Anyways my desire consumed that something which pulled me back. Am gonna rock with the church crew ! Sure will update the welcome air though. Its like am I getting all that I dream?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


And here comes, all pink and wrapped in a peice of cloth like an angel. Our friends (Ebbys & mine) daughter. After tireless waiting we saw her for the first time.. she was crying as though in search for her lost warmth and comfort within the womb. I wonder how amazing are Gods ways ! A new beginning fresh like a blooming rose.. Hopes and wishes as sweet as the fragrance of the garden rose ..