Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The world is after a ball. I wonder what is so probing about this ball. I was never an ardent football fan .. But 2010 is different. Burning the midnight oil to see how this ball creates the wave ! Indeed rattled by the energy it dissipates.. Tennis is also clinging round a ball.. But the wave is not so high rather it is short lived..

But jubulani rocks !!
It signifies to rejoice and the ball has a magical spell that the spirit continues no matter the team of our choice win or loose. The most astounding of all is the rich tradition the event implies. The players exchanging jersey’s and accepting each others skill and encouraging the sport. The air has a new dimension this year.
May be I percieved it this time !!

Is it the vuvuzela (the noise generating trumpet of South African football fans) or the waka waka that grabbed me to the stadium ? Am not sure about the answer but the wave is still high !

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The present

The responsibilities never end. I cannot quit too. Life is going at its pace but I am limbing behind to live unto my expectations. This does not mean I am desperate. But the obligation consumes me. Wife, daughter, friend and the list continues with aunt being the new addition ….. I am not a failure as an aunt for my niece says I am the best cursive writing teacher in the world. Not convinced about the other roles. In a way it is fun to be all in one though at times you get crammed.

How I wish to live one day the life of a carefree teenager
To fly as high as my wild fantasies
To think of ways to be charming
And to hang out with my friends

How I wish to be in love    
To remain as my Jaggu’s delight
To fight with him for no reason
And to enjoy the drizzle of unconditional love

How I wish to wander through the woods of my dreams
To envy the beauty of unattained goals
To find the hidden pearls of opportunities
And to muse over the imminent days ..
But Hope give me wings, Love quenches my thirst and Faith console me ..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cakes ?? OMG !

Birthdays always bring joy be it yours or your loved ones.. Today was one such day. One of my colleague’s day and the whole crew was set to have a blast.. This is not a usual happening in my laboratory where people forget that they do exist in a society other than the serious research they pretend to do. I am not sure if this is the case with all the scientific community. So most of the days it is like work and work with no profound results as my head always remarks... But she is a lady of immense lenience that we all survive without any sort of stress. Another incomparable attribute of women ! The post is not related to her or our laboratory. Let me divert to the core issue.
Morning was busy to figure out plans to make the day memorable. Thanks to the new two students joined who made this possible (may be they are not drowned in the sea of makeover researchers). Birthdays are meant to express your love and all that you feel. It is evident through your deeds that how much pain you took to make the day. Gifts, cards, cakes all the stuffs are quiet transparent. If you have eyes to perceive even the attitude and sincerity are visible in it.. We bought a gift after so much arguments and it was worth it I guess. As the number of friends increases so will the ideas and it is difficult to make them intersect. Finally to add color some decorations and yes a cake too. Neatly adorned and all in pink with beautiful flowers.
 It looked yummy !!                                                

We forgot the candles but thanks to the movie ‘Wake up Sid’. I never knew matchsticks could make such a big grin to every face.. Even my guide was excited to see the decorated lab gleaming..

He cut the cake and then being the senior most it was my turn to make neat pieces without crumbling and wee it was a success. But you know I felt something fishy as the knife passed the core. Was it sticky oh maybe the rich butter that was my thought .. To finish I took my piece and ohw the smell !! Soar butter ?? Gosh the rich butter cake was displaying all the dirty colors towards the deep layer. Rather a culture of moulds and fungus.. All green .. As I turned I could see the embarrassed faces not knowing what to do slowly to end up in roars of laughter .. How did it happen ?

The poor birthday boy I wish he will be fine.. But indeed a day to cherish .. My ever first experience on an occasion like this..

Someone to share such a nasty day ?