Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I took so many decisions yesterday –
That I would remain happy, I would never nag neither complain
I would try to put a smile on faces around me
I would always be thankful for the countless blessings
I would cherish all the beautiful memories and forget the rest
I would forgive and be kind and patient
I would love unconditionally and would lend my hand
I would be a good listener and a true friend
I would be content with all what I am
I would kneel down in prayers for the sick and the suffering
I would forfeit my pleasures to quash the melancholy
All because she took my hand in hers
And in her death bed serene and cheery
She  said – “Life is too short” !

But its only one day down and its so difficult to hold on. All what I need is the grace to keep a few. It was so touching and heartbreaking a day ! But it was worth it..