Friday, May 7, 2010


Silence finally broke. I was flying high rather the wings were stronger than I could imagine that it took me so long. Now that I am back with all the colors and fragrance from the flight. How dazzling was it, the whole life from a distance? But it deceived me as I drew closer as always.. Yet I yearn for the most unforeseen turn, the guiding radiance….

This is too appalling. Nowadays anguish and nothing else can lit the candle and fill the ink.. Today is an exception. Lets rock !!

I walked down the lane which leads to the most charming era
A magical road that could roll the time backwards
I stopped in between to trace all the evergreen spots
To relive all cherished moments …..
She was a charming girl smart and bold,
quite different in attire and attitude.
Always been the odd one out. But never was in short of friends ..
Teacher’s pet and warden’s menace ..
She enjoyed every bit, nibbled till the last !

Then he stepped out of the vacuum
Posed as her ever best friend !
Subtly he detached her
She never knew the twist until he showed the hidden color …

Shadows everywhere, Colours drifted away
The clutches of pain and loneliness tightened
Oh ! her friends her precious stones
Never let her down ..

Years went by and as she walks down the lane
The whole lot was made clear
How she was deceived and the hidden twirls
Will she forgive him or rather should she ??

Friendship is all that lasts and you can hold it on till you desire.
It can rejuvenate your lost self .. Treasure it !!


Readers Dais said...

Hi! Tara..
so ur back after a long gap,
well written tara, the value of friendship that hold ur self intact even while the darker sides of life stares at us, here we have friends to show u the light....the light that leads...light of freindship :)

Tara said...

Thank you !! Let the light lead me further ..

anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Morning from Thrissur!
Really happy to see your post!Hope you are back to the track!
So,tell me what is the good news?
A friend in need is a friend indeed!It's always better to ive space and time in between!Expectations lead to disappointmets!
Dear,you are such a swet girl!May yo have more sincere friends.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

jayarajmurukkumpuzha said...

best wishes.........

Nipun said...

Long time..
Finally silence broke and that too with a bang.
Lovely piece..:)
Friends really are treasures.
I am passing from my college this year and feel the same.
All the very best to u..:)
How are u btw?



p.s. Happy mother's day//

Tara said...

@ Anu : thanks indeed friend for the constant support !

@ Jayaray: Thank you .. continue to visit my blog !

@ Nipun : yes am back .. I'm doing well friend.. was a bit busy .. You are gonna miss the precious college days ..

R. Ramesh said...

good blog..congrats..n best wishes:)

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