Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Another mother’s day went by. Blogs, media, shops and so on has truly celebrated the day. Yet another deceitful lollipop to grab the customers.. There ends its seems ..

Reading all the columns and watching all the shows dedicated to ‘moms’ I stepped out to see an old woman may be in her 70’s stooping and struggling to carry her precious bundle probably her only belonging. Its sizzling hot and I wonder how she manages to reach her destination or does she has any ? She sat down on the bench at the bus stand but never begged. She opened her bundle and can you guess what was in store !! Some old clothes, stale chapattis no its not finished .. A family photo with her two handsome, healthy boys .. How did they turn blind to this love?? Do they really know what they lost ... aah my questions will never end..

This is not one scene. At times I see mothers well locked within air-conditioned room . Yet they burn to see their kids just a room away. No time to spend for the poor old rugged piece. Knowingly or not they just walk past it. On every Sunday I see an ammachi draped in good sari, searching for a companion to share her words. If we happen to go near her she starts the same story the never ending one about her kids and the once blissful life. Not even once she grumbled at her grown up lads for denying her. When I go to altar she ask me to hold her. Recently I realized that she come with her daughter who has only time to exhibit the saree she bought last day and hence cannot wait till the end to take her mom .. Not to mention about oldage homes !

Its my greatest prayer nowadays that I should never follow this path. In my case it’s the laziness that pulls me back .. I am aware of it and fighting it back too .. How good it will be for everyone to dig out the reason why they lag behind..

No matter how many days we celebrate and how rich our parties are all they look forth is a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean and an ear to whisper the most silliest of all things..

Can we make it ??


Chandrika Shubham said...

Template is very soothing especially the white flower. :)
A thought provoking post indeed! :)
I liked the last para the most.

Best wishes. :)

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Tara,
A different post on mothers day,
good one, a finger pointed towards ? towards whom?
I read a pledge in one post(literary jewels),to wipe off all oldagehomes of our nation, let that be the pledge by each son or daughter on mothers day...what else do they need....the best pledge or gift..the thought itself is....

Tara said...

@ Chandrika: Thanks friend.. keep visiting ..

Tara said...

@ Readers Dais: A finger pointed towards all who negelct the epitome of love and mercy ..
thats a gud one but preaching is always easy !!

Renu said...

very good post!..celebrating one day doesnt make us free of our responsibilities..rather we must show our feelings everyday.

Your font is a little too small for me to read it comfortably.

Piper .. said...

very well written and touching! I agree completely - it`s not about celebrating that one day, but cherishing the one person who gives her all, unquestioningly, day after day. Year after year.

സോണ ജി said...

Good one tara.

Tara said...

@ Piper: Thank you for visiting..

@ Sona: Welcome to my blog !!

Sorcerer said...

good work Tara!
its not just one day!! its everyday!

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