Saturday, August 28, 2010


I don’t believe in valleys and hills nor do I trust the changing seasons. I can barely perceive that the day ends and night begin. No fragrance for the flowers that adorn my sidewalk or for the breeze that caresses me. Tranquility overrides every single moment. Overwhelmed by the faded colours and lifeless nature .. Everyday I open the window longing to see a cuckoo bird, who could sing to whirl my melancholy heart. As the rain pour down I no longer feel that Mother Nature is washing my tears too. I can only experience the thunderous echoes resembling the words of a petulant youth that pierce even my deepest wound. The sky remained black hiding my rainbow of hope. Then I searched for the radiant stars to brighten my desires but in vain. How long need I wait to see the sprouting new leaves, the sway of the lilies and the melodious singing of the cuckoo ? My eyes crave to see the beautiful colours that draped me once. When will my pallet fill again with stunning colours ? Will the seasons change just as my hearts wish ?


Anonymous said...

Yes they just need to be patient and let the seasons take a turn in due course of time :D
Love your blog template :)

Ramesh Sood said...

Seasons, as you want them are all around you, girl.. how is it you don't see them.. happens .. but must flow away with rain water.. tears.. ok.. natural. and makes one feel light. rainbow has to be in the heart.. why look at skies for it.. well sorry.. life may not be beautiful but it still is very beautiful.. couldn't stop myself.. well Thanks for your visit to my page for some laugh.. but then there are many more.. may not give you laugh but will strengthen .. you and therefore.. me too as it's all connected.. a + somewhere is a plus everywhere..

Tara said...

@ Ramesh Sood: Yes no doubt.. what u said is true and I was not grumbling or questioning Gods ways.And I know that life still is lovely .. But at times life take its turn and this is the best way to regain my lost spirit .. Thanks anyway for the visit and the sincere comments ..

Tara said...

@dialoguewithyou: Thanks a lot for the sincere wish !

cyclopseven said...

Sometimes we perceive things from a different perspective, colored by some events in our lives. Just like the day that gives way to night, the hills rising high pushing the valleys down, full moon and dark moon, our lives too filled with polarities. Sometimes we can bear, sometimes we can't bear. Tears are just another mean to make nature hear. Talk to her, gently and confidently,repeatedly not sparingly. Slowly, but surely She the Mother of all mothers to be, understands your woes, mine and everyone else too. The word is 'HOPE', the act is 'WAIT', and the two glued by 'FAITH'. And, nothing beats that. There are reasons for every smile, there are reasons for every tears. So, why the fear? And, why the tears? Life is an open meadow. Caress a leaf today and say to it 'I love you', tomorrow you will see more leaves smiling at you.

anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Evening!
Dear,what is happening?I was in Tvpm and everything was so beautiful!
If seasons change according to your wish,there won't be anything to get excited about!Just look again through the window.I have sent one cuckoo for you!
The blooms,rains and breeze make the life so wonderful!Cheer up!Try to give colours to those who have lost them!You will get to see the rainbows!:)
Wishing you a romantic night,

Nipun said...

They sure will change Tara..
Just wait a while and what you perceive will have an impact all over.
There are times when things dont go as we wish them to go.
But then, this is what life is..:)

This post was really awesome.
Start doing some poetry also..
It will be fun.



Renu said...

Seasons certainly change for everyone, so they will, just have faith!!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Creeper looks awesome. :)

Everything changes with time. :)

Best wishes for the BIG CHANGE. :) said...

you write really well. Felt like a poem reading through ur random thoughts.
Needless to say, the thought of a brighter future is something which makes life so exciting.

sm said...

life and season become
as what we think

KParthasarathi said...

I liked the poetic way you write

Tara said...

thank u guyz for the overwhelming support and care !

Seby said... are such a beautiful writer...Love to read your blogs! Hey..Things in life will change soon.. Love ya!

RGB said...

Got a poetic ring to it. After night, there's day. After winter, there's spring. After rain, there's rainbow. So let's look at the brighter side of life :)

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