Friday, December 24, 2010

The year gone by !

It has been ages since I wrote something and that very thought was so irresistible that I am back. Life was getting busy and so tough that I feared to take a break. In fact the famous saying life itself is a teacher is so true. No matter how hard we yearn for and strive to reach the stars we will end up with handful of sand. But then this is real life and that it all has hidden purpose. How to surpass is a big question?

It is already Christmas and in a wink new year too!! The best ever time to make merry and to stay contented. Blog spaces are swarming with New Year resolutions and Christmas messages.  So what am I supposed to write?  Should I start with the immense knowledge I gained this year while I stumbled. 

Certain acts will never be fruitful till it reaches the ripe age!
Patience is all that matters.
The supreme quality everyone have to attain over the time. Make it as deep and wide as you can to lighten your melancholy. I can tell you this is a mammoth task but is never impossible! Each one of us can uncover our own unique ways to gain the fruit of patience.  (I promise this will ease your worries to zero.)

Perseverance should overrule our failures. Keep the hopes high and be firm in your aim. Though we stagger our motivation will give us hands to grasp. Believe me it is stronger than the tornado of failure. Our fortitude will craft wings to fly high and reach the goal!

Do not be foolish to consider all who smiles at you to be your admirer. It is easy to love and care others than to expect it back. A sincere heart will never fade and so are the deeds. Though you do not receive it back, at the time you wish from the person you expected, it will embrace you through different hands in the needy hours. This is inevitable for mankind so keep tight these qualities to love and care our fellow beings. Do not impair or manipulate the basic instinct! Expect least and act more!

Family makes the most. To cuddle with the emotions you experience as a family is the most precious of all. I never knew that it is like a sapling. The more you devote to nurture it the healthier it becomes! A deep-rooted relation will never wither fast. Seasons may change but new twigs of hope and love eager to sprout make our day bright! The quality time you spend with your loved ones, the pain of sacrifice for your soul mate, the respect and trust that binds you are the true enrichment for the sapling to grow. No other magic will replace the role !

As this year ends I am brimming with gratitude for the wonderful blessings from heaven above. The divine wisdom and peace showered on me that passeth all understanding. I am filled with joy and hope for a new beginning ! New twists and turns, ups and down, worries and happiness. A fusion so unpredictable !

Make merry and have loads of fun this Christmas season. Don’t you dare to forget the joy, hope and love of Christmas ?



Renu said...

Nice thoughts!!!

Merry christmas and a very happy new year!!!

nothingprofound said...

What a beautiful post! So full of optimism and good sense. Have a wonderful year!

sm said...

best luck for new year
like the narrative way

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