Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Harvest Festival !

Annual Thanksgiving and harvest festival. This is a much awaited day in the church calendar. We follow the Anglican tradition and there are not many festivals. So its like making the most of it !!! Various church organizations were pitching to achieve the target amount. This goes into projects previously declared. Besides, all families will bring in, something or the other for auction which is held soon after the church service. Early day’s people use to bring forth their first yield as free will offering to the altar. Now where are the crops ? Hence modified to anything valuable. There were almost 600 items in the list. A fellowship time indeed ! A venue to meet all the old friends and families … It’s a free will offering and from the core of heart we should experience it. This is the most beautiful way to cherish the abundant blessings poured on us ! Did I fail to do so ? I was so worried or am still .. Its hard to practice ..


Nipun said...

I know u will be able to do it.
Its hard to give sumtyms but then....
Luck to u.
may u meet many of ur frens.
Nicely put.

Reflections said...

We had ours 2 weeks back. Since the 1st fruit of the harvest thingie no longer makes sense everybody brings lots of food which is then sold.
Usually I carry appams or beef curry or something but this year nothing...but made for it by stuffing ourselves with food. The church flew in Markose[know the guy???] and it was roaring success:-)

I have not commented on ur post coz I didnt quite get what u were worried abt:-)

Reflections said...

And oh incase u r wondering I came in here thru Renu's blog:-)).

Tara said...

let me first thank u for the lovely comments and welcome to my world !!

That part is perfect but the completion of such festivals is accomplished by the time we spent in unison with God.. i mean the true spirit of it !! I was worried about that i had time for friends and fun but the feast in its own is not pleasing to God that am sure if failed in that part. Its hard at times u know !!

Sorcerer said...

festivals... those are times to connect with loved ones

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