Friday, December 11, 2009

A Tale

It has been two months since I became a member of the blog family. An entry so silent and unnoticed for my predecessors was mightier. But as the little David stood confidently before the Goliath so have I taken the initial steps. Though I am not a mom yet I could feel the same anxiety as in when the child takes the first steps. My joy knew no bound when I got the first comment from total strangers or rather the so called “Writing Goliaths”. It’s now time to disclose how I began my journey into the world of ‘Tara rum pum’. I always wanted to do this but hesitant for unknown reasons. It was then my church turned 150 (I mean years). Ebby always loved to bring into play whatever talents or interests he has when it comes to church. There he was directing a 20 minute documentary comprising of all the celebrations and projects undertaken during the year as part of the celebration. The script writing was on my shoulder. Though he knew that I love writing not even once had he come across any of my creations. But still he had faith in me. That was the best part. I did it and he was like ohw baby !! Huh ! You might be wondering what a funny start. But he flooded me with his steaming inspiration that I had no other choice and here I am … As I stood baffled at the doorstep with hopes as high as Everest I could see a ray of concern and a soothing welcome smile. Thank you guys and I wish for many more hands to take me in..


Nipun said...

All d best for the future.
May u keep writing and yes foremost thing is to take good care of yourself..
Cheers again!!

Readers Dais said...

Hi Tara,

So Ebby ur Hubby is the inspiration right? good that u have someone so near & dear to inspire always,hope the inspiration do give us readers something to cherish... :)
Wishing the little David all success...
Hey U can post ur script here na?

Tara said...

Thank u guyz !!
@Readers Dias: thats a gud idea !

Vijay said...

Hi.. I just visited ur blog.. It sounds Great.. Hope u too will Visit my blog..

Tara said...

@vijay: thanks a lot !! defenitely keep going !

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