Saturday, February 13, 2010


Amid her fathers care and affection
She was daring, smart and prudent
Always equipped to face challenges
To step forward with unfailing morals

A stride through the paddy fields every evening
Clinging to her father
Swiftly he hides behind the leaves
To make her beautiful eyes fill with tear and then to sparkle

He rushes home after the hectic work
To be greeted by shuttle queen
As if evenings are made for her to hit the cork
With him always picking the never hit cork

Then it was books the new world
All vivid writing styles and authors
But it turns blue when he asks for
The list of new words noted

Years passed by but the distance never grew
He was always there no matter how wrong you are
Striving to convince the crazy teenager
About the values of life

The argument still continues
Though she miss the warmth
The riches never haunt her
For he succeeded in building the foundation strong

That’s my greatest gift
My father, My mentor !

Happy birthday !!
And I pray that God will fill him with more joy, peace and wisdom !!


Renu said...

beautiful! the poem and the sketch also of a father with daughter!

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

sweet relation nicely portrayed...
love n regards

Nipun said...

A great way to wish someone so special..:)
Wishes from me too.
Take care of urself..

Loved the flow..



Tara said...

Thank you guyz !!

Shiju said...

Really Good!! I just went back to all those days! And so true. Loving wishes to All.

Haddock said...

That is a good one, especially the illustrations.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and really touching one chechi..... (great poet....)

THALAKAL said...

good one Susan...

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