Monday, February 1, 2010

Love through my eyes

Love is all I can hear loud. I wonder why is it always so captive. Through this post am presenting some of my rambling thoughts together with what I heard from others.

I am confused. Is love an emotion ? If so why is it so superior to other emotions ? In almost all the blogs I have been following several issues or social chaos are beautifully expressed. But I could sense that love is the ultimate thing lacking behind it all. I believe everything is connected to this thread, woven together. A sever will destroy the whole status. The answer is new and deep every time when I ask others, Is love an emotion ?

For one, it’s the source or provider of hope to live or exist, day after day and year after year. An additional perspective is that, love is the essential requirement to have a healthy and peaceful mind without which no one can live. Love is even expressed as a feeling so tender yet mightiest of all. The scripture says even if you possess all the riches if there is no love then you are void. Indeed that contain the core of all that we are seeking but it’s too profound to munch through. I have seen youth desperately struggling to win their love. For them it’s a state of mind. But it is never such with mother and child. There, love is a strong bondage. The discussion will never end for this is a vast topic ever comprehended by human wisdom.

Reasons for love being superior –

Love is the only emotion where we have a divine perception. It is so much a gift from above. There is distinct difference in the way we love. We often do it for the sake of our own existence or it is self centered. But if you can love unconditionally … that’s a true grace. I find it hard to practice with everyone. With counted beings, it is possible to an extend but not with everyone. This is a major deficit in the present society where we have unhappy families outnumbering day by day (deliberately not accessing the danger zone of crimes and persecution). Definitely love is God’s priceless gift and we should never limit it with our own ways.

The character an individual possess is in proximity with their inherent love. I presume that love has manifold attributes, we come across each day. Honesty, obedience, self control, meekness, responsibility, emotional stability, compassion and what more !
It even change the way we perceive mother nature ..I am tossing this thought for you to mull over how tangled love is …

Mother opens her favorite box of ice cream only to give the full measure to her child
He saves each penny to buy the most cherished gift for her
She deliberately acts daring to strengthen her soul mate at times of turmoil
Together they share the joy and pain in caressing the oldies once their world

The wheel rolls and rolls with ever changing roads but the ray of love
continue to guide …

Guyz, put in your valuable comments about love being the utmost emotion !


anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Evening!
Thanks a lot for your visit to my blog and the sincere comment.
Hey,February just started and the posts on love are in print.:)
When my heart is open,
And I want to live my dreams,
Love is the first basic necessity;
That I will search for!
When the love is unconditionsl,
If I'm convinced my love is strong;
And I do get it back in the same depth,
I can face all other problems of life!:)
The sacred and pure love is between the Mother and the Child!
As a flower opens its petals,let the love flow from our hearts and make teh world a better place to live in.
Thanks,dear for sharing the valuable views,
Wishing a night filled with love,

Nipun said...

Love is in the air, Love is everywhere..
Posted these lines on one my posts...:)
I hope these line say everything.
We myt come across conditional and unconditional love..
But u never knw wen dat unconditional love changes its form...
Love is a feeling that even God can't define..
Love ain't an Entity, Emotion or a feeling...
Its just Love and love and Love and love..
It feels gr8 to be loved and to love someone from the deepest core of your heart..
I think I am in Love..



jon said...

Well love too got commercialised much nwadays..

Meanwhile some heartfelt blog on love... but bit too generalized may be

jayarajmurukkumpuzha said...


Renu said...

even I was thinking of writing about love and its conditions...Love is divine, because wecan force anybody to lve us, nor we can love by comes from God only.

Sourcebound said...

If you de-construct Anupama's comment, one can say that all the problems that you have mentioned in your post arises from this simple selfish line "And I do get it back in the same depth" I strongly believe that this is the root cause of everything related to love. people want it to be returned in the same way leading to expectations. When expectations are not met they are transformed into frustration, depression and different forms of fear and insecurity.

JITHAN said...

The bow whispers to the arrow before it speeds-forth


The thought of separation makes love deeper and deeper!

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