Thursday, June 17, 2010

The present

The responsibilities never end. I cannot quit too. Life is going at its pace but I am limbing behind to live unto my expectations. This does not mean I am desperate. But the obligation consumes me. Wife, daughter, friend and the list continues with aunt being the new addition ….. I am not a failure as an aunt for my niece says I am the best cursive writing teacher in the world. Not convinced about the other roles. In a way it is fun to be all in one though at times you get crammed.

How I wish to live one day the life of a carefree teenager
To fly as high as my wild fantasies
To think of ways to be charming
And to hang out with my friends

How I wish to be in love    
To remain as my Jaggu’s delight
To fight with him for no reason
And to enjoy the drizzle of unconditional love

How I wish to wander through the woods of my dreams
To envy the beauty of unattained goals
To find the hidden pearls of opportunities
And to muse over the imminent days ..
But Hope give me wings, Love quenches my thirst and Faith console me ..


Piper .. said...

lovely piece of writing! Sometimes life has a way to pull you down. BUt dont worry - these are passing phases and you shouldnt be too hard on yourself! :) Here`s a hug to brighten up your day!

Tara said...

@ Piper: wow thank u so much dearie... that hug was so needed ! :)

anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Morning!
Taking a break,
Dreaming a life of carefree days,
Is everyone's wish,yet to come true!
I loved the poem;this time u have added images too!So apt!
Live each moment and learn to celebrate silence!
Pamper yourself;watch Ravan;movie is not good,but photography is excellent!:)
Count your blessings,just not the handwriting,you know to write in the walls of the herat too!:)A GREAT ART,YAAR!
Love and hugs,
Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

Tara said...

@ Anu: Thanx a lot for that sincere comment !!

Chatterbox said...

May all your dreams come true :)
Keep dreaming and stay blessed :D

Loved your beautiful blog.
Keep up the wonderful work :)

Anonymous said...

I admire women like u who can juggle multiple roles..really..Im sure most women wud b able to relate to this post..

Keep going! :)

Tara said...

@ Swats: thanks for the sincere comment ..

@ chatterbox: that was a great inspiration !

Renu said...

I agree to piper....even I wish so many times that even if for one day I am free to do and think as I want, but we cant be like that because we need people around keep doing multiple roles, the no. will only increase:)

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