Monday, July 12, 2010

Wake up call !

God created man in his likeness and made him unique. But down the years what went wrong !! Its not sins but man has turned to beast toppling the evolution theories.

The present happenings in God’s own country is bewildering.. How brutal it is to chop off the palm of a professor (who has to be valued like God as per our rich tradition) ?? I cannot comprehend the deed. Common we are not living in a terrorist territory. Picture of a tormented teacher in deep anguish with head stooping down as though a third rate criminal, is flooding all the news channels. Is this the way to chastise a person who is cornered for setting the question paper faulty ?

No common man can uncover the sinister plot behind the conversation described in the passage. But still the worse has occur red.. A family under threat for over a month. Wife always anticipating hidden trap for her husband and not to say about rest of the kin. As a final point the axe ripped his palm and the men vanished into thin air.

It has been a week and the government is at snail’s pace. It is high time for the Kerala government to join hands with the law and order system of the middle east.. Nobody cares for the imminent murky days of the family not even to toss a formal ‘Can I console you?’ The compassion and love that makes humans superior is dried up. How long will we exist in such a filthy shell ??

Wake up, wake up mankind before the transformation completes !!


anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Evening!
I was upset over the incident;still upset.There is no safety or security to anyone belonging to any profession.
This happens not in our own country;across the globe,peace is disappearing.
If we can as we can protest to the current system.Still no hope for a bright future.
Good job,dear!

THALAKAL said...

what to say.... this is democrazy...

Readers Dais said...

Its Said..Muhamed nabi forgave them who garlanded him with intestines, still his followers here take a what do they follow...
well written Tara

Chatterbox said...

That's a scary bit of NEWS, a moment for everyone of us to think as to where exactly are we and the world is heading with deeds of this accord.

Keep writing :)

Smitha said...

An eye opener for the kerala community! I think you should have mentioned about the professors reaction after the incident.

Newways..good work..keep it up!!

Renu said...

This is the most ghastly news..what is happening..I just hope that our govt wakes up fast and gives justice.

Nisha said...

Oh, I was unaware of this news.. thanks to my hospitalization.
But seriously, it's a shame on this society to read or know about such news. When are we going to change?

Tara said...

yes everyone we should wake up !!
@ Nisha: welcome to my world. looking for your constant support !

Lunatic Kerala said...

Keralites are the filthy frustrated arrogant skunks of India having highest suicides, divorces, drunkards, sexual perverts and mental patients. Whole India especially North, has a disgusting attitude towards these Hindi thoda thoda maloom coco nuts. Recently some commission declared Kerala capital unsafe for women. Females get mind raped by males. I have witnessed mallus getting beaten up in Kerala express for molesting North Indian white skin female. 100% literate. Non sense. Literate for ogling tourists and spitting in public.

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