Monday, March 28, 2011


A month declared for women. A day to celebrate for being a woman!

This tradition might have evolved as a point to express the significance of womanhood by which the universe sustains or as an occasion to out pour the veiled emotions towards woman – be it mom, wife, daughter, teacher, friend and the list never ends.

Woman is a teacher forever. It is always believed that family moulds an individual, to be more specific the mother. It is from her we learn to love, to forgive, to sacrifice, to believe and to be patient. The blend of emotions is being transferred to us unknowingly. This is what we offer others in our life. We try to build up on this foundation. What a marvelous state.

Nevertheless, the situation has changed radically. This tradition no more exists to extol the beautiful state of being a woman. Rather it reminds how painful and pathetic have woman become. No security and no respect, a day to emphasize the need to learn self defense.

We don’t need flowers or expensive gifts
Nor do we long to dine out to celebrate this day
We hate to see the world being so nice to us just for a day
Politicians speaking aloud for our rights and reservation
Women association striking to gain us the unseen
All but can you hear our plea?

Can we walk safe on the roads without getting a dirty stare ?
Can we travel in peace ?
Can we work head to head with men at work place?
Respect oh ! its out of sight.

This is the sigh of any ordinary woman in Kerala. And it will remain a sigh without being heard not because sound is low but as it is too loud for the attitude (of the society) to switch over. ‘Women defeating women’ is gaining popularity too. Recently I saw news clipping where a girl about 16 or so was being brutally bruised with burnt cigarettes all over her body. This act was to rip her self respect and to take off her clothes whenever her madam (a lady in her late 50s) demands. Stories of Soumya’s are not to mention.

Will we ever get to enjoy a peaceful day out !


Renu said...

worst thing is when women torture women...we need to start moral science from the first class itself.

Tara said...

very true !

anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Wishing You A Wonderful And Happy Vishu!
Why are you not so active?Hope you are fine!

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