Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In search of

I am so weary tonight. Both physically and mentally. Exhausted !
The funniest part is the unknown reason. That’s how it’s getting complex.
How can I find a solution for an unknown cause ?
I am not too stressed at office nor at home these days. But still I crave for the nameless.
I am not dissatisfied about the way I live
Though I make silly complaints it never lasts more than an hour
Nevertheless the ease of existence is trailing

When I wish to dispense my feelings stream is lacking
Words are hiding and so is my mind
As I rush home with a bunch of roses
Rich with fragrance from the core
It is never apparent
When I yearn to be caressed, to be cuddled
Distance overrules
How I wish for lazy hours with chatter and laughter
To roll back to innocent years
Where happiness is all that exist
Except for the fear of getting kicked out from the class
Yet life is unpredictable !
At the least expected hour
I am swept off by the unconditional love and warmth
Drenched in the magic of joy and peace
How can I hold this season tight ?
Locks or nails are worth to be sought
HE who sees everything understands my hidden desires
Fulfill all my dreams if all I am patient
To reveal the gist of continuation ….


Nipun said...

I m swept to a place I dont knw where.
If it exists or not I m unaware.
Lovely writing once again...
Take Care..



anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Evening!
Very touching lines!Are you missing someone dear?The phone calls,mails and sms will help you to keep in touch.
Cheer up and bask in the glory of the magical love.
Belated Happy Birthday to your Dear Father!
Wishing you a lovely evening,

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