Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Anglican Church has set apart the first Sunday of October as the Youth Sunday. All organizations under the banner of church will get a day like this to lead the worship. Ever since I turned 16 my parents will not let me come back after church without attending the youth meetings. I always found that complex as I had to take part in so many activities like group discussions and then presenting the theme to all, at times you may even have to lead the intercessory prayer and what not. Though the meetings had a colorful side with lots of friends and merry making it always drove me crazy. Then as years passed I felt like I had changed a lot. The hidden talents bloomed making me confident enough to take up the challenges. The reasons which held me back before has actually brought out the real me. I am no more active now in the fellowships as I had moved out for the younger ones. But still this year its different as I am involved in the making of an article to be published in the parish messenger. As part of the article I was caught up with scores of thoughts as I compared the then youth and the present youth. It seems to be miles. The attitude, views and concern have all reached a different level that I no more can comprehend it. Is this for good or bad that time alone can prove !

Youth is always considered as the age to learn, to accept, to change and to be the cause of transformation. A time when our potential and strength is most counted and recognised. This is the only state of mankind where one can strive to achieve what they aim. A period of confusion, uncertainty yet full of optimistic vigor. I remember in our days, there were lot of restrictions and rules that made us draw a line which we never even dared to cross. Those were but the reflections of our tradition and culture. Though I always disagreed to whatever my mom says about my friends I stealthily kept her views in mind and never let that go off. We were taught to respect and to be submissive to the elders. But now it’s a totally different scene. I can hardly see any respect towards teachers, parents or elders. It is always good to have independent outlook but never at the cost of despising the elderly. I was distressed when my neighbor (who is the professor of the top engineering college in my city) told that she is at times forced to shut her eyes while walking through the dark corridor of the library. On the contrary, my young friends counter that why everybody is so concerned about our lives. They demand the protection of their interests. Where actually did we go wrong in imparting the youth with the sanctity of our culture?

Similar attitude is acknowledged at family and society failing to fulfill the promises and responsibilities. However, the most striking of all is their focus on building a career and life up to their ‘mark’. They are absolutely blind in that race. No time for family and friends who once brightened their life and stood for making whom they are now. I should reach the summit even if I need to kick my best buddy down. Burning the midnight oil at the office table, purposefully forgetting that our dear ones crave for a silly talk or a loving pat as they sit disabled all alone at the house. The moral responsibility in raising our own siblings to the same height remains unveiled. Is money the cause for all this evil? My dear young friends I am not against the high spirits and ability in utilizing all the resources now known, for a bright future, but kindly reminding the hidden fatal state.

Erecting a pillar hollow in truth and values will only lead to destruction though the mansion look beautiful from afar. Can we try to reform in our outlook and values which will sustain till the end ?


anupama said...

Dear Tara,
Good Morning!
A good question and a very good thought.
Everything is fine with the passing of time.Change is the word in demand!
We can be examples,the role models without much of preaching.
Celebrating the important days like GANDHI JAYANTHI DAY,and thus introducing the youth to the unknown great personalities and their selfless services,
let us start the first step.
Experiences are the best gurus....Youth will realise the goodness...
Relax and enjoy the weekend.

RGB said...

Things have dramatically changed over the years, no doubt about that. The kind of exposure, good or bad, that the kids / youth get these days are of unimaginable proportions!

But it still is the responsibility of the parents, the teachers, the elders and the society at large, to impart a value system in our youth that will help them choose good over bad in the long run. Which is a mammoth task, but we must never give up!

Renu said...

Excellent post!! many gems here...

rules that made us draw a line which we never even dared to cross.

t is always good to have independent outlook but never at the cost of despising the elderly.

and then the last lines...superb!!!

cyclopseven said...

Good is not the cause for all those evils. Humankind is the sole and ultimate cause for all these. It all depends on our skills to distinguish between the relevant and irrelevant part of life, and most of all one must know what are the values that sustains life till the end. Many say life has changed a lot, but I feel it is our attitude and faith in life that has undergone tremendous change. We are carried away with some whimsical fantasy about life, until one day we realize and say, "huh!! is this what I have been running after...". Be it work, relationship, personal interest, religious aptitude and whatever whatever whatever that can be, the truth is we must be the change, not others.

Tara said...

@ RGB: Yes great responsibility and we should never give up as u said !

@ Renu: Thanks indeed for the sincere comment. in fact last lines were my favourite too ..

@ cyclopseven: True, humankind is the cause for all change. but the problem is we never realise it in the fast run and neither do we find time to convince ourselves and others !

Chandrika Shubham said...

I liked the post very much especially the second para and ending lines.

Bikramjit said...

HEy wowow dont know what to say , what you have written is quiet true..

I too think the responsibility lies with parents i strongly beleive that if parents cant take care of there kids then they shud not have them , and also these days the trend of leaving the kids with child minders or grnadparents while they work I am totally against it ..

What parents can do no other can.. so responsibility is their's and then teachers come
I feel it completly depends on them as to how a kid will turn out to be ..

Thanks for visitng my blog, I will be here often now :) u will get bored with the long comments i write he he hehe

take care

Bikram's Blog

A New Beginning said...

Youve got a nice blog tara and I really like your name :) Keep blogging !!!

Tara said...

@ Chandrika:thanks n keep visiting ..

@ Bikram: always welcome ..

@ Anew beginning : Thanks indeed for that encouragement !

Tara said...

@Anupama: I had fixed the problem.Great 2 c your beautiful comments back in the space. said...

Well said Tara. This is a problem with 90% of the software driven families. Wonder what will happen to the next generation !! Good or bad, only time will tell, coz no amount of preaching can make people try and develop a pillar filled with values and truth.

Thanks for visiting my blog and those encouraging words too !!

Sorcerer said...

Very true...
Most of the time people fail to see the connected issued buried deep within.
It takes only a bit of adjustment and commonsense to sort it out!

ps:commonsense is not so common..

Wonderful post..

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