Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unusual happenings !

I missed something. Two more unusual happenings. One I sang carols along with 23 other friends from church. This will be telecasted next month. Update about the exact time and date will follow soon. I never knew that I can manage to perform in front of the camera. Rather we all were enforced. No matter how good we sang the programme manager was unhappy. He insisted that all of us should perform as a team. May be the influence of reality shows ! That was the hard part. But I guess we succeeded as I could see a sunshine smile after the retake.  5 songs on the whole and it took less than a couple of hours. Smart? Song or the performance ? !

The mike (not the only one) was placed right in front of me. Besides it so happened that I stood next to our trainer. Can you imagine any other reasons to drain my fuel? Gathering all my courage, wishing that my mike cable go loose I sang as never before, coz I was performing too. Peeping now and then to see the expression of our master (coz he might be hearing my voice this clear for the first time) I managed to sway with a smile as insisted by the co-coordinator and to sing ! Here ends the story and the princess lived happily ever after ….

Over to the next event.

As part of the sesquicentennial celebrations a short documentary was made on the history and major achievements of the church. Ebby and his friend spend scores of sleepless nights for this and the surprise is that Ebby permitted me to take up the voice over. Dubbing is my recent passion and I always beg him for this. Not even once he dared for a trial. It’s a puzzle unsolved. But together we made it. It was a splendid piece of work as reported by our friends. His grace !

It’s my biggest wish now, to do this again. I love doing it except for the script writing.


RAYS J. KOSHY said...

and the master heard the princess singing.... bhu ha ha ha....

Tara said...

what does that laugh mean !

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