Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memorable day

I had witnessed a remarkable occasion! The sesquicentennial of our church. Well, do you know the word meaning ? Frankly I dint know about this word in my lifetime till last November. That was when our church turned 150. Isn’t it extraordinary? As I stood delighted amidst the august gathering it’s not the history that shook me but the serenity and charm within the church. I was taken aback to my childhood days where I use to attend the services with much interest. It was not for the beauty of the service but it was the color of new skirts and frocks that hooked me. My ammachi always had money to buy my sister and myself new dresses every month. The church was the only place to wear those without any scolding from my mom. But as I grew up my fascinations also changed. Songs came next in the list. I feel the meaningful lyrics are better than any prayer. I still remember the days when I use to sit for hours with my mom to learn diverse songs so that I can sing along with the choir on Sundays. I cannot trace when all this fascinations changed. In no time, the church was more like a friend rather a shoulder to lean. How many times I cried sitting alone in the wooden bench made 100 years back. But there were occasions to rejoice as well. I wonder will ever my church go weary by the same silent cries and laughter year after year ? The quiet hours are worth it though! I started this with an intention to share the events that made our valedictory function splendid. Guess who was the chief guest ? I was mesmerized by the speech he delivered, the cheers he extended and the vision he shared. Dr. Shashi Tharoor spoke as though he was in some theological seminary since few years. It was amazing. The perfect blend for the event !


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