Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Back to work ! The wheels will never stop nor consider the exertion to make the road smooth. Often I nag about the same schedules day after day. Nevertheless, shift from this routine will perturb the life too. Perplexing as always.. A nice weekend though. Fun time with cousins and friends. Chapattis replete with home made butter and chicken added more colours to my chef hat. I missed my sis. We use to make chapattis (the only cooking I did before marriage). It was fun as we chattered endlessly till we get a bang from my mom. From where on earth we got such amazing topics? Aah happy times. I always tried to repeat the story with Ebby, but in vain. After the dinner we rushed into the theatre to watch Kerala cafĂ©. The film was amazing. It’s a mystery how they weaved together entirely different stories. In my opinion, the film addressed all the present chaos and traditions prevailing in the society. The outlook conveyed, made the movie way beyond the usual stuff.


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